Ray Weber Resume


B.S. Physics, The Ohio State University
Nuclear Weapons School, Sandia Base U.S. Navy
Chemical, Biological, Radiological Weapons School, U.S. Navy
Graduate Engineering Courses, Stevens Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Certified Trainer
OSHA First Responder Course, Dept. of Energy (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory
DOE Transportation Emergency Public Information Officer Course, Brookhaven National Laboratory
DOE Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP) Certified Trainer
FEMA 5-day Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Course, US Military Academy at West Point
FEMA EMI Course, IS-00200.a Incident Command System (ICS) for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, ICS-200

Summary of Experience

Mr. Weber is a Senior Manager with extensive experience in all areas of Emergency Management/Preparedness. His experience includes: exercise design and coordination, plan/procedure development, training materials development, training, facility design, audits, EAL development, and government interface. (FEMA, NRC, DOE, DOD, state, and local) Mr. Weber has most recently assisted The U.S. Department of Energy with Emergency Preparedness assessment, review, development, and oversight for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM.

1987 - Present

President and Lead Consultant, Forest Ventures Inc.
Mr. Weber has provided the following services:

Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist – Department of Energy
- Assisted DOE with Emergency Preparedness assessment, review, development, and oversight for their Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM. Developed the Carlsbad Field Office’s (CBFO) Emergency Management Plan and Procedures. Assisted in the review and major rewrite of the WIPP contractor’s (Washington Tru Solutions) Emergency Management Plan. Rewrote and negotiated the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Eddy County, New Mexico. Provided oversight and assistance with scenario development for and conduct of WIPP’s 2009 Evaluated Exercise. Performed the Effectiveness Review of the DOE HQ Assessment Corrective Action Plan. Developed the WIPP 2009 Emergency Readiness Assurance Plan (ERAP) Final Report.

Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist – Unistar, Bell Bend and Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Stations
- Assisted Bell Bend and Calvert Cliffs 3 with Combined License (COL) applications for construction/operation of new nuclear units. Developed FEMA NuReg 0654 Cross References (Cross Walks) for State and County Emergency Plans and developed responses to FEMA and NRC Requests for Additional Information. (RAIs) Developed the radiological ingestion pathway Emergency Support Procedure (ESP) for the Washington, DC Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Project Manager - New York University
- Managed the effort to develop a comprehensive contingency and emergency preparedness program for New York University (NYU). Developed the NYU Emergency Response Plan and key Emergency Response Personnel Procedures. Coordinated the development of 15 NYU Functional Division emergency plans and procedures. Coordinated and conducted training, drills, and tabletop exercises.

Project Manager - United States Department of Defense, U.S. Military Academy
- Managed the project to develop a radiological and comprehensive emergency response program for the US Military Academy (USMA) at West Point. The effort included development of the USMA Emergency Plan/Procedures, training, drills, tabletop exercises, and Reception Center design and development.

Lead Emergency Planner - Westchester County, NY and Entergy Nuclear
- Co-led the effort to revise and rewrite Westchester's radiological Emergency Plan and Procedures in preparation for a FEMA Graded Exercise with the Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Drill and Exercise Coordinator - Entergy Nuclear, Duke Energy & Services, and Yankee Atomic Energy Company
- Coordinated Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s Drill and Exercise Program including the 1996 - 2002 Evaluated Exercises, Dry Runs, quarterly drills and Medical Drills. Coordinated Yankee Rowe’s 1996 - 1999 Exercises and annual medical drills. Wrote Scenarios and served as Lead Controller for these Exercises. Developed and coordinated Pilgrim Station's Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Team duty and drill schedule. Coordinated EOF Drills for Vermont Yankee’s 1997 Evaluated Exercise.
- Lead the project to establish a new reception center for Pilgrim at Braintree High School. Developed a completely new facility starting with site evaluation/design, culminating in a successful FEMA graded Exercise in approximately 6 months. Designed facilities; wrote Plan/Procedures; trained 200 emergency workers; wrote drill/exercise scenarios; conducted drills/exercise; and interfaced with State/Federal (FEMA, NRC, MEMA) agencies.

Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP) Coordinator, U.S. Dept. of Energy-
- Senior Manager responsible for development and coordination of the TEPP for Nuclear Material shipment for DOE Region I, which encompasses 11 states and the District of Columbia. Responsible for Region I TEPP Plan/Procedures; Liaison with DOE headquarters, states, local/tribal and federal agencies; Training Program; Drills/Exercises; and Public Information. Coordinated a major TEPP exercise involving DOE, States of New York and New Jersey, and Bergen/Passaic Counties, NJ. Assisted with coordination of State of Maryland, and Montgomery County, MD TEPP Exercise. Also coordinated Media Plan and coverage for both events. Gave presentations at national emergency response meetings and forums on TEPP Mission, activities, exercises, and Planning Products.

Project Engineer, Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). U.S. Department of Energy
- Developed BNL's Comprehensive (all-hazards) Emergency Plan and Procedures to comply with DOE Orders and CFR requirements. Developed scenario for and conducted a Security Exercise involving a Terrorist/Chemical Release. Rewrote Emergency Action Levels to comply with Chemical/Radiological Hazard Assessment, AIHA ERPGs, and EPA PAGs. Developed Emergency Response training program including: task descriptions, training program requirements, procedures, and training materials. Scheduled/ conducted training.

Lead Planner, MEMA/Boston Edison Co., Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station
- Lead the project to establish a new reception center for Pilgrim Station at the South Weymouth Naval Air Station. Developed a new facility starting from site evaluation/design through the FEMA graded Exercise in approximately 8 months. Designed facilities; wrote Plan/Procedures; trained emergency workers; conducted drills/exercise; and interfaced with State and Federal (U.S. Navy, FEMA, NRC) agencies. Assisted with FEMA Exercise including training of local/state ERO personnel.

Radiological/Physics Engineer, Long Island Power Authority, (LIPA), Shoreham Nuclear Power Station
-Assisted with the Shoreham decommissioning. Provided technical review of project documents pertaining to radiological, licensing, and emergency planning issues.

Emergency Planner, Boston Edison Company, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.
-Served as Liaison between BECo Emergency Preparedness Dept. and MEMA. Developed/managed the Wellesley Reception Center from design/construction through a successful FEMA Graded Exercise. Duties included: facility design, plans and procedures, training, drills, and government interface.

Drill and Exercise Coordinator, Long Island Lighting Company. Shoreham Nuclear Power Station
-Managed a group of six LILCO and contractor personnel in support of LILCO’s emergency preparedness program for Shoreham Nuclear Power Station and Electric Production. This effort included coordinating over 30 integrated drills, two three-day plume/ingestion pathway drills, a three-day FEMA graded plume/ingestion pathway exercise as well as electric restoration and oil spill drills. The group was responsible for scenario development, controller assignments, onsite (Shoreham) coordination, drill control, and FEMA interfaces.

Manager of Offsite Planning, Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) Seabrook Nuclear Power Station.
-Provided technical management for a group of 20 emergency preparedness personnel in support of offsite planning activities for Massachusetts. This effort involved development of the utility sponsored emergency plan (Massachusetts portion of the 10-mile EPZ), training, facility design, and interface with local government agencies.

Drill and Exercise Coordinator (PSNH). Seabrook Nuclear Power Station
-Responsible for developing/coordinating offsite drills and exercises for Massachusetts offsite planning. Coordinated initial Offsite Response Organization training and drills in preparation for a FEMA graded exercise.
-Manager, Community Interface (PSNH). Managed six planners responsible for interface with Massachusetts EPZ towns regarding plans, training, facilities and equipment.


Supervising Engineer and Project Manager, IMPELL Corp.
-Mr. Weber served as Project Manager/Engineer on over 30 projects involving emergency preparedness for Nuclear Power Stations and state/local governments. These projects included:
-Development of Consolidated Edison’s Corporate Emergency Response Plan/Procedures.
-Revision of Nine Mile Point site Emergency Plan and Unit 1 Emergency Action Levels.
-Training of Oswego and Orange County New York Emergency Response Personnel.
-Revision to Consolidated Edison’s Indian Point Site Emergency Plan/Procedure.
-Coordination of Indian Point graded Exercise including interface with FEMA/NRC, scenario, and drill control.
-Design of Indian Point Emergency Operations Facility, Corporate Response Facility, and Recovery Center.
-Development of Lucas County, Ohio, Emergency Plan/Procedures.
-Audits of Toledo Edison and Nine Mile Point Emergency Response Capabilities.
-Lead Controller/Controller at various Emergency Response Exercises/Drills including Pilgrim, Indian Point, Nine Mile Point, Orange County, Rockland County, Shoreham Onsite/Offsite, Seabrook, and Calvert Cliffs.
-Development of scenarios/controller packages for Indian Point Onsite Drills/Exercises.
-Training of Indian Point Site Emergency Response Personnel.
-Revision of Orange County, N.Y. Emergency Plan/Procedures.
-Revision of New Hampshire State and Local Plans for Seabrook ASLB Hearings.

1978 - 1980

Cognizant Engineer, Burns and Roe. Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project.
- Mr. Weber developed/reviewed design and Quality Assurance documents, procedures, and equipment specifications for Clinch River. He also performed design reviews and systems analyses for plant systems.


Senior Nuclear Engineering Administrator, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Weber was involved with the development, interpretation, and administration of nuclear codes and standards. He was Secretary to the Subcommittees on Nuclear Power (Section III of the Boiler Code) and Nuclear Certification, Joint ACI/ASME Committee on Concrete Components, Committees on Nuclear Air/Gas Treatment, Cranes, and Operation/ Maintenance.

Construction Engineer, Erie Lackawanna Railroad. Served as Project Engineer on railroad construction projects.

Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

U.S. Navy, Nuclear Weapons Program, 1966-1970
Final Top Secret Security Clearance

Computer Skills
Mr. Weber is competent in the common Microsoft programs (word, excel, project, PowerPoint, etc.)

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